Naufragios experiment

coloniaLab: Naufragios experiment

Reference materials

 XML element reference. Primarily contains tags for the Compendio, but has useful material for all.

Notes for Bodleian manuscript. For Nya, Joseph, John and Kyle.


Current coloniaLab project materials

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Draft intro and editorial criteria

Draft text


Draft intro and editorial criteria, with links to draft texts


Draft intro and editorial criteria

Draft text



Diccionario de la Real Academia Española (DRAE). The current edition only.

Nuevo tesoro lexicográfico (gathers ll editions of the DRAE since Autoridades, 1726-39). Click on <<Acceso al NTTLE>> for a new session.


Viewing/debugging tips

This image shows how to turn on/off line wrap in oXygen (Options > Preferences > Editor > Edit modes > Text):

line wrap


The following validation error generally means there is an opening tag of some sort without a matching end tag, or vice versa (not necessarily <p>, as the error suggests):

validation error


The XML editor will reject curly quotation marks enclosing attribute values. If you’re copying and pasting elements from anywhere and you get an error, make sure you have straight quotation marks.


Kalthoum’s images: