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Eartha White and the Creation of Black Historical Memory in Florida

This exhibit by Lyn Hemmingway explores the role that Eartha M.M. White played in recovering the African American history of Florida.

The Role of the Church in Public and Private Life


This exhibit by K. Anagnostou provides a brief history of Black churches and examples of the impact those institutions had on public and private life as evidenced by selected items from the Eartha M. M. White Collection, Special Collections and Archives at Thomas G. Carpenter Library, University of North Florida.

“Not For Ourselves, But For Others": African American Women Organizing and Leading in Jacksonville, Florida, and the United States


This exhibit by Lyn Hemmingway examines ways that black women in Jacksonville and the United States more broadly supported their local communities, negotiated new boundaries to gendered behavior, and worked together to contribute to the black freedom struggle in the United States.