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  1. Validate your file, by clicking the red check mark icon or pressing ctrl + shift + v on a PC. If the red check mark icon isn't visible, you can select Window > Configure Toolbars, and make sure that the Validate toolbar is checked.
    Note the following validation error, which is common, generally means there is an opening tag of some sort without a matching end tag, or vice versa (not necessarily <p>, as the error message suggests):
  2. Preview your file (optional). You can preview your file by clicking on the wrench icon at the top, select TEI P5 XHTML, and clicking "apply associated". This invokes a default transformation, not our custom transformation, so your file will not display as it will eventually on the server. All values within a <choice> element, for instance, will display.
  3. When your transcribed, encoded, and validated file is complete (or when you need help), save your file. Your file in the shared folder will automatically sync to OneDrive. Dr. McCarl and Carol Hemmingway will be able to access the most current version of your file. Conversely, if one of them makes changes to help you solve a problem, those will be synced to your local copy of the file, available in the "OneDrive - University of North Florida" folder. If you want to make backups of the file with different names, do so by placing the backups in that same folder, with the filename stated as “YYYYMMDD backup of…” (where YYYYMMDD is the date of the backup). Always do your editing itself in the original file that has been shared with you.
    If you can't get access to the shared folder, email your file to earthawhiteproject@gmail.com. Once you have emailed your file, you should make no changes in your copy, as it will at that point be obsolete.