The DHI invites all UNF faculty, staff and students to propose projects to be affiliated with the Initiative. Proposals will be included on the agenda packet of our Advisory Committee, which meets once in the fall and once in the spring. In the past, we have also approved proposed projects via email during summer sessions.

Please provide the following materials by Sept. 1 (fall semester), Jan. 10 (spring semester), or April 25 (summer):

  1. a title for the project
  2. a description (250-350 words),
  3. at least one related image that we could use on the website (a few would be preferable), and
  4. a photo and short bio (100-150 words) for the project leader(s) and anyone else (include students) that should be listed as a primary collaborator

Students proposing projects should have a faculty mentor, and should provide #3 and #4 above for that person. Students needing help identifying a faculty mentor can contact the DHI for assistance.