Regional Digital Humanities Organizations and Research Centers

Florida Digital Humanities Consortium

University of Florida Digital Humanities Working Group

University of Central Florida Center for Digital Humanities and Research


Regional Digital Humanities Certificate/Degree Programs

University of Florida Bachelor of Arts in Digital Arts and Sciences

University of Florida Master of Arts in Digital Arts and Sciences

University of Florida Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate Program

University of Central Florida Minor in Digital Humanities

University of Central Florida Doctoral Program in Text and Technology PhD


Other Organizations and Research Centers of Interest

Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations

Association for Computers in the Humanities

Association for Documentary Editing

European Association for Digital Humanities

Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities 

Society for Textual Scholarship

TEI Consortium

University of Florida TRACE Innovation Initiative

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Center for Digital Research in the Humanities


Publications of Interest

Literary and Linguistic Computing

Scholarly Editing

Textual Cultures


Other Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate and Degree Programs

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Graduate Certificate Program


Technical Resources

Juxta (TEI-based collation software)

TEI P5 Guidelines

TEI Boilerplate


DHI Training Materials

Introduction to TEI-XML

Introduction to Story Maps


DHI Organizational Materials

Advisory Committee Meeting Materials

Prezi from 6/7/16 Board of Trustees presentation