Naming XML files

The name of your XML file should be short, and should contain at least one keyword from the title of the work you are editing, along with the date of publication of that text. If the text has a known author, use the author’s last name. If the text does not have a known author, use a key word of your choosing to represent the work. All words should be separated by an underscore character. Your filename should be entirely lower case. For instance, la_pilloniere_1717.xml. Your filename should be unique enough that it would not conceivably coincide with any other xml filename in the project, now or in the future.

Naming image files

Image files that correspond to your xml file should have the name filename, followed by _001, _002, etc. For instance, pages images for the above discourse.xml file would be:




If you are cropping a selection out of a larger file (such as when isolating a graphic from the rest of a page image), please add another node. Taking two separate images of engravings that might appear on the page la_pilloniere_1717_001.jpg, for instance, would look like this:


Again, file names should be entirely lower case.