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Tru Leverette, Susan Swiatosz, Clayton McCarl, David Jamison and Janaya Ferrer at the 108th Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) in Jacksonville on September 22, 2023, following their session…

The author writes a poem dedication compliments of Eartha White in memory of her mother Mrs. Clara White.

The author writes a letter of invitation to the Woman's Club Baby Conference held in March 6th to 11th, 1916.

News clipping about Eartha M.M. White, president of the City Federation of Women’s Clubs petitioning the Board of County Commissioners regarding lack ventilation for the prisoners at the county prison farm and for a chapel for religious services for…

The author writes a note to Eartha M.M. White, President of the City Federation of Colored Women's Clubs asking her to inform the ladies of the Federation to go to the parsonage.

The author writes to Eartha White about the package that Eartha sent her.
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