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Transcription Workshop Instructions

Where should I transcribe?

  • If you are working with a typewritten document, please transcribe on one of the iPads (you can use Notes and your work will save automatically) or on your own device.
  • If you are working with a handwritten document, you may work on paper, on one of the iPads (you can use Notes) or on your own device.

How should I transcribe?

Before you begin, please indicate at the top of your transcription the following:

  • your full name, so that we can credit your work;
  • your email address, so that we can notify you when your document is published; and 
  • the document identifier, which is written by hand at the top of the document image.

Then, as you write or type out the contents of the document, do the following:

  • reproduce all spelling, capital letters, and punctuation as-is, and
  • maintain the line breaks of the original.

What if the layout is complicated?

If you have an envelope or another item in which the text is arranged in multiple columns or in a complex way, just transcribe items in the order that makes the most sense to you. We will later standardize the formatting.

What if I can’t read something?

If you can’t make it out at all, just insert three asterisks (***) as placeholders. If you can read it partially, include your best guess followed by three question marks (???).

What should I do when I’m done?

  • If you transcribed on paper, return the document image, along with your transcription, to the workshop leaders.
  • If you transcribed on one of the iPads, write "iPad" in the bottom margin of the document image and return it to the workshop leaders.
  • If you transcribed on your own device, email your transcription to Dr. Clayton McCarl with the document identifier in the subject line.